Empower people, enable youth, spark change

Our courses aim to build confidence, create a diverse skillset and promote a positive mindset. We are passionate about innovating in the education sector by constantly experimenting and provide high quality experiences. Our experience in entertainment industry and academia provides us with unique insights that transform our methodologies. As a result, our students include creative individuals, solopreneurs, digital nomads and changemakers.
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Nefelia's Academy vision

Promote skills that enable people to work remotely

N-Academy is a dedicated part of Nefelia academy to promote and teach skills that enable location-free career paths.

Create change-makers

Spark project is Nefelia's academy attempt to share advanced skills with a younger audience. Spark focus on passionate teenagers with big dreams and provide skills and guidance to meet their potential.

Education Innovation

Nefelia academy aims to push the boundaries of online education by using cutting-edge media and methodologies and experimenting and innovating around the learning experience.

Imagine, create, change!

We believe that the world will be better if people imagine and create the change that they want to bring in the world. We reflect this mindset and vision in everything we do.

Nefelia and Nefelia Academy

Nefelia Academy is a project of Nefelia, a startup that innovates in education, health and entertainment.
Nefelia's contributions range from academic research and IT products to entertainment industry projects.
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Georgios Ketsiakidis

Georgios Ketsiakidis is a product designer since 2012. He has been teaching multimedia like UX, UI, Front-end Development, 3D Design, and Game Design for over ten years in various art schools and bootcamps. Since 2018 Georgios became a digital nomad and started his own startup Nefelia which he operates remotely. Nefelia focuses on providing solutions in the health, entertainment, and education industries. In 2021 he started Nefelia academy to share his knowledge and enable others to become location-free solopreneurs. In February of 2022, he created the Spark project to teach teenagers advanced technological and creative skills.


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Monday - Friday 9.00 - 19.00 EEST

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