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Become a UX/UI designer 

Duration: 8 months
Stating date: Coming soon
This Bootcamp aims to teach you UX/UI skills and assist you in starting a freelance business. You will learn the industry standards frameworks, methodologies and tools.
  • No prior background
  • Ability to follow as part-time
  • Weekly live online interactions with mentor
  • Online video library on-demand to learn in your own pace
  • Assignment-driven
  • Personalized feedback
  • Be part of a Community and co-learn with others
Your mentor

Georgios Ketsiakidis

Coming from both a creative and technical background, I am a senior creative with several years of experience involved in high-profile projects from start to finish. My clients include startups, creative individuals and major corporations.
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Our methodology

How Nefelia Academy is different?


Your mentor has industry expertise and sufficient teaching experience. You will expect to receive guidance, feedback, support, and encouragement.


The learning experience, materials, and methodologies will evolve continuously around your needs and learning style whenever possible.

Community driven

Learning alone is not only dull but not effective as well. High-performance learners learn from each other. Our platform and methodology support this approach. Join groups and forums and share your questions and struggles. Learning is a social activity!

Collaborative assignments

You will have the opportunity to work in teams and collaborate with others. Although this is optional, you are encouraged to participate in group assignments and learn how to collaborate. Collaboration is also a skill.

Tool agnostic

Learn the latest and most appropriate tools for the work. We teach affordable yet industry-proven tools. Moreover, we aim to develop a skillset and a deep understanding of concepts so you can apply them in any tool. Tools are constantly changing, but the core skills and principles are timeless.

Skills and mindsets 

Learn how to organise your work, prioritise, be efficient, develop your presentation and communication skills. We emphasise soft skills since it's a vital part of the transformation. Creating a problem-solving mindset and an enthusiastic attitude is critical for success.

Deep theory

We dive deep into concept theory to give you a complete understanding of how things work. Building a solid understanding is a critical element of mastery. 

Project oriented process

We approach proven step-by-step processes of real-world projects to learn how to do things practically and efficiently.

Assignment-rich with personaliσed feedback

You complete assignments designed to be part of your transformation and get personalized, detailed feedback to accelerate your progress.

Progress evaluation through meaningful challenges

We are a no-grade academy. Testing your skills through quizzes and exercises to self-evaluate your current skill set is a great tool that will accelerate your progress.

Flexibility with on-demand content

Find the right time and day of the week to engage with the material and practice on the assignments. Our schedules are complicated, but our platform is flexible and accessible from anywhere and anytime. If you can't make it in live sessions, we will record it for you.

Sprint paced accountability

Be accountable for your transformation by making a biweekly flexible commitment to deliver a learning outcome. That's a key for any learner to succeed.

Non linear learning

We approach learning in a non-linear way. In our approach, every learning bit is like a node that connects with other nodes. We call it the learning web. We mark dependencies, and we create a non-linear strategy that is more flexible.

Horizontal axis & Parallel tracks

Instead of focusing on compressing vast amounts of information one next to another in a sequential way, we go with the learning pyramid. We have a steady pace of new concepts, and we expand a lot on each topic giving enough time to digest. We create parallel tracks to accelerate and complement learning avoiding learning fatigue.

Variety of media

Our material is a mix of online video, interactive content, eBooks, and more. We embrace a variety of different channels, and we are always experimenting.

Gamification and fun

Learning should be fun. We try to provide our content in a humorous and fun way, yet not distracting. You should be expecting optional fun activities and competitions.
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